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    EnAppSys is a specialist information business providing electricity and energy market data, systems and applications to parties with an interest in the UK energy market. We provide a range of services from access to our energy data repository, energy data analysis services, provision of consultancy services and development of bespoke energy data applications.

    Our customers include

    • energy supply companies,
    • electricity generation companies,
    • energy feedstock companies
    • energy traders,
    • energy customers,
    • service companies to the energy sector,
    • energy sector consultants,
    • governmental organisations and regulators,
    • universities/ FE establishments, and
    • project developers.

    Please have a look around the site to learn more about what we do.

    If you have any questions or would like us to contact you please use the Contact Us link above.

    EnAppSys Latest News

    EnAppSys Response To Carbon Price Floor Freeze

    EnAppSys responds to the announcement of a freeze of the Carbon Price Floor at 18 per tonne of CO2.

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