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    Phil Hewitt

    Phil Hewitt BEng (Hons), is a Director of EnAppSys and is founder of the company. Phil comes from an industrial research and development background where he worked for 13 years for British Steel (Corus) R & D developing models for predicting plant failures and quality of continuously cast flat products through instrumentation of the initial point of solidification. He has published a number of papers and some of his inventions were patented. This work led to him building expertise in collecting large datasets and using these to predict related outcomes.

    He left the steel industry in 2001 to work for a provider of energy trading systems and set-up EnAppSys in 2003 to deliver web-based software and services to the Energy Industry. In 2004 he created the NETA Reports service which aggregates data from different electricity data sources (Elexon, National Grid, Gas Data, Environment Agency, DECC) and serves historical data and analysis to subscribers.

    Paul Verrill

    Paul Verrill (C.Eng M.I.Mech E, BEng hons) is a Director of EnAppSys Limited currently working on business development of the company and in particular in the development of price forecasting and project development modelling tools for EnAppSys. Paul is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who has worked in the energy industry since 1993. Starting out in midstream and upstream gas project development his career has included project design and development, plant management (gas processing facilities and power stations 200MW to 1875MW). commercial management, project origination and acquisition.