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    The GB electricity market leads the world in transparency and gives GB energy market service sector companies a competitive advantage in developing energy markets.

    Efficient, timely and relevant energy market data and information provision allows the markets to respond to changes in the market as efficiently as possible.

    Historically smaller players in the market have been at a disadvantage to the larger players who could afford costly data solutions and information platforms, but increasingly these smaller players are able to source solutions from firms such as EnAppSys.

    As we have worked to improve these solutions we have been able to target the larger firms in the market and our solutions now offer a level playing field, allowing all market participants to compete effectively against each other.

    We focus on continuously improving the services we offer and on providing services that significantly improve a market participants ability to be competitive within the continuously evolving GB electricity market.

    As we expand into further markets we aim to take a similar approach and continue to provide clear benefits for our customers.