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  • GB Summary Reports

    EnAppSys is a specialist in the GB power markets providing a range of online packages to monitor historical, live and forwards looking activity within the GB market and provides bespoke or generic reports to customers active in this market.

    Included below are some free-to-access reports that summarise some of the most notable activity in the market.

    Annual Reports

    These reports summarise key activity by year, focusing on changing activity within the market:

    Quarterly Reports

    These reports focus on quarterly market activity and aim to support the tracking of the overall state of the market quarter to quarter:

    Weekly/Monthly Reports

    If you are interested in more detailed reporting of activity down to weekly level please get in touch with EnAppSys at enquiries@enappsys.com to request access to our detailed weekly and monthly reports or to enquire about bespoke reporting.

    The company provides reports to a number of participants in the market and can report on activity in the market down to generator unit level.


    These reports are provided free of charge to any interested parties to give a view of activity in the market, but with no warranty as to the accuracy or validity of any of the enclosed contents.

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