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  • vbXML.dll Introduction

    Welcome to the vbXML.dll documentation, this is a work in progress and will evolve in response to the needs of users. If you have any comments or suggestions please use the projects forums to comment.

    vbXML.dll provides a COM implementation of a simple XML SAX and DOM parser. It is released under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

    This page contains install notes, release notes, a discussion of the XML standard, a getting started guide to using vbXML.dll, a concise reference, a collection of examples and finally, comments from the developer on licensing and other stuff.

    Install Notes

    Comments on how to install the DLL.

    Release Notes

    Comments on the issues addressed, fixed and outstanding.

    vbXML.dll Reference

    A concise reference to the vbXML DLL.

    Licensing etc

    Comments on licensing, re-use, contributing, contacting the developer.