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  • vbXMLRPC.dll Release Notes


    vbXMLRPC.dll provides a COM implementation of a client interface to web services implementing the XML-RPC standard. The DLL is designed to be as light an implementation as possible with as few references to other DLLs as practical to reduce problems with program dependencies.


    This software is licensed for use under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL) ...

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General private License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

    This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General private License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General private License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA



    All files with the exception of WinInet.dll are standard files that come with every installation of a Visual Basic App. If you have a Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications installation (very likely) they will be present on your machine. WinInet.dll is shipped with Internet Explorer since version 3 so you are likely to have this DLL also.

    If you have any problems with dependencies, vbXMLRPC.dll was compiled with Visual Basic 6.0 (SP5) against the following versions of these DLLs.

    • COMCAT.DLL 4.71.1460.1
    • STDOLE2.TLB 2.40.4275.1
    • ASYCFILT.DLL 2.40.4275.1
    • OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4275.1
    • OLEAUT32.DLL 2.40.4275.1
    • MSVBVM60.DLL
    • WININET.DLL 5.50.4915.500
    • vbXML.DLL 0.5.0024

    Change History

    Version 0.9.0042 - Status Beta - 25th October, 2005

    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0024.
    • Support for <string/> as a zero length string as opposed to an empty string.
    • Will automatically adjust for localised numbers i.e. where the decimal point is not '.'. Achieved with help from Thierry Alberge.
    • Three new properties have been added to allow control over timeouts. The properties have been all added to the XMLRPCRequest object and are ConnectTimeOut, ReceiveTimeOut and SendTimeOut.
    • Changes to vbXML.dll mean that the maximum number of nodes in an XML-RPC request is now more than 32768 nodes.
    • Two new properties have been added to allow control over proxy servers. The properties have been added to the XMLRPCRequest object and are ProxyName and ProxyBypass.

    Version 0.9.0033 - Status Beta - 15th May, 2004

    • The code has been liberally sprinkled with DoEvents statements to prevent the DLL appearing to hang.
    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0020.
    • Performance has improved significantly due to changes in vbXML.dll.
    • Modified the XMLRPCRequest.HostPort property to a Long so it can except the full range of port numbers after a suggestion by Torsten Fackert.
    • Added support for HTTP basic authentication using code donated by Chris Carter. Added new properties to XMLRPCRequest called Username and Password.

    Version 0.9.0030 - Status Beta - 14th February, 2003

    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0017.
    • After Assistance from Rick at www.techno-weenie.com SSL support problems have been bottomed.
    • SSL only works on port 443, features of wininet.dll will not allow other ports.
    • The "Secure" parameter of the XMLRPCRequest.Submit method has been removed.
    • A new property "SSLFlags" has been added to the XMLRPCRequest object.
    • A new enum "XMLRPC_SSLTypes" has been added.

    Version 0.9.0027 - Status Beta - 14th January, 2003

    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0016.
    • A first stab at SSL support has been made, however, with no SSL server to test against this is a shot in the dark.
    • Many corrections to the handling of Base 64 encryption were made. It now works properly.
    • Many thanks to Adriano Santoni for the excellent bug reports that helped me fix these problems.

    Version 0.9.0023 - Status Beta - 31st October, 2002

    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0012.

    Version 0.9.0022 - Status Beta - 24th October, 2002

    • Added new property UseLineTerminator to XMLRPCBase64 to switch on or off the line termination functionality.

    Version 0.9.0020 - Status Beta - 23rd October, 2002

    • Re-compiled to be compatible with vbXML.dll V0.5.0010. This solves bug that meant that the HTTP Port was always set to 80.

    Version 0.9.0019 - Status Beta - 14th October, 2002

    • Compiled with Binary Compatibility.
    • Added reference to vbXML.dll which has removed the need for a number of internal parsing functions and classes, this has reduced the size of the DLL.
    • Because WININET functions are now in vbXML.dll, ERROR vbXMLRPC_ERROR_WININETERROR has been changed to vbXMLRPC_ERROR_HTTPCALLFAILED.
    • Added a new data type, XMLRPC_NIL to XMLRPC_ValueTypes this supports the <nil/> value type in XML-RPC 2
    • Added functionality to XMLRPCValue to handle <nil/>.
    • Added AddNil method to XMLRPCArray.
    • Added AddNil method to XMLRPCParams.
    • Added AddNil method to XMLRPCStruct.
    • Added a new method to XMLRPCStruct "GetValueByName" which gets a value from the struct by a passed name.
    • Added a new method to XMLRPCStruct "MemberExists" which checks that a specific named member exists.
    • Added a new ERROR vbXMLRPC_ERROR_MEMBERNOTFOUND to handle a missing struct member in "GetValueByName".
    • Added a new class XMLRPCBase64 which handles Base64 encoding and decoding.
    • The new XMLRPCBase64 class means that the error vbXMLRPC_ERROR_BASE64NOTSUPPORTED has been changed to vbXMLRPC_ERROR_BASE64ERROR.
    • The AddBase64 methods in XMLRPCArray, XMLRPCParams, XMLRPCStruct and the Base64 property in XMLRPCValue have been changed to take an XMLRPCBase64 object as opposed to a string.
    • Count methods in XMLRPCArray, XMLRPCParams and XMLRPCStruct classes have been changed to properties.

    Version 0.5.0011 - Status Alpha - 24th September, 2002

    • The XMLRPCResponse object has a mis-spelt property XMLRPCReponse, this has now been renamed to XMLResponse. Help file GIF also fixed.
    • XMLRPCValue.IntegerValue() Method changed to handle a VB Long integer (32 bit signed integer) instead of a VB Integer integer (16 bit signed integer).
    • XMLRPCArray.AddInteger(), XMLRPCParams.AddInteger() and XMLRPCStruct.AddInteger() have been changed to require a VB Long integer (32 bit signed integer) instead of a VB Integer integer (16 bit signed integer). Changes have also been made to the online help to clarify the parameters to reflect these changes.
    • Support for Empty Structs in the server response added.

    Version 0.5.0010 - Status Alpha - 19th August, 2002

    • Fixed help file reference to fix "help file not found" problem.
    • Fixed decoding of special characters in non-specified strings e.g. <value>&lt;b>Now Fixed&lt;/b></value> is properly decoded to <value><b>Now Fixed</b></value>

    Version 0.5.0008 - Status Alpha - 16th August, 2002

    • More problems with the XMLRPCFault class because Blogger returns string/code whereas the software is expecting code/string. Now can handle both ways round.
    • Fixed infinite loop when writing & characters.

    Version 0.5.0007 - Status Alpha - 15th August, 2002

    • Fixed "Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method" in XMLRPCFault
    • Added new example code to help docs to get the time from userland using "currentTime.getCurrentTime" @ time.xmlrpc.com

    Version 0.5.0005 - Status Alpha - 14th August, 2002

    • First Release