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  • Data Service (www.NETAReports.com)

    NETA Reports is a web-based service that enables users to view and download a vast array of GB electricity market data down to the level of a single generating unit, with a core data bucket containing data back to 2001 for many of the data series.

    This includes all published Elexon data and aims to make all GB electricity market data available from one easy to access source.

    The data can be downloaded as Excel files directly off the website at www.netareports.com and into Excel or can be downloaded straight into Excel or into a database via XML calls (support can be provided to those less familiar with VBA in Excel).


    The following are screenshots taken from this service:

    < >
    Screen 1: By Fuel Summary Excel Download By Week

    Cost of the Service

    Some of the more basic data can be downloaded free of charge once a user has subscribed to the service at www.netareports.com, but the data is primarily a subscription service.

    With the subscription the user benefits from the historical data and from processing of the data to try and make it available in the most convenient form, for instance by providing downloadable Excel sheets that summarise operational activity across multiple data streams aggregated by fuel type.

    More Information on the Data

    The www.netareports.com website contains more detailed information on the service and what is available.