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  • Market Monitoring

    EnAppSys provides a wide range of market monitoring tools that focus on historic activity within the market, live activity as it happens and forecasts of future activity within the market.

    The most prominent modules that feature within our online market monitoring package are as follows:

    Market Summary (www.netareports.com/enbm)

    With our historic market summary monitoring tool the days of patiently downloading vast volumes of data are gone and replaced with an easy to use analysis of the last 12 months of activity down to half-hourly resolution.

    This service covers pricing, demand, fuel data, balancing actions, unit imbalances and unit operations, with summaries of activity for instance showing generation by fuel for a single operator.

    This service is based on a dynamic-time system that allows users to for instance see the daily average activity of a unit over a single year before zooming into a more restricted period, with the resolution decreasing to half-hourly resolution when looking over a full week.

    The following are screenshots taken from this service:

    < >
    Screen 1: Fuel Mix

    For more information please visit www.netareports.com/enbm.

    Real-time Market Summary (www.netareports.com/enprompt)

    The real-time market summary application is designed primarily for power station operators and traders and enables the monitoring of minute-by-minute activity in the market making use of a real-time TIBCO data stream.

    This enables users of the service to track balancing actions and changes in activity at units as they happen via an activity feed as well as following the market via a stack of bid and offer actions. Once activity is noted the activity can be examined in greater detail down to unit level across numerous charts with click throughs from the summary screens to these charts.

    For more information please visit www.netareports.com/enprompt.

    Renewable Forecasting (www.netareports.com/enrenew)

    The renewable forecasting service is provided in partnership with MeteoGroup and provides market participants with forecasts for wind generation down to wind farm level and for solar farms on a national level. The service has also been extended to include MeteoGroup's European solar and wind forecasts with up to 52 weeks of historical forecasting data available for evaluation.

    For more information please visit www.netareports.com/enrenew.

    Energy Alerts (www.netareports.com/enalerts)

    The Energy Alerts service allows a user to assign to their account a set of alerts that will inform the user when particular activity occurs in the market with these alerts available via an alerts screen, via an RSS feed or via a smartphone.

    These including indications of trips, price changes and unit start-ups with the facility to customise particular alerts to a user account.

    For more information please visit www.netareports.com/enalerts.

    Pricing Applications

    EnAppSys has a number of pricing applications of which the foremost is an APX charting application that shows all trades in the market in terms of volumes and prices and shows the real-time progression of the within day spot price in future periods.

    Further pricing applications show Leba and Spectron price data and information on these services can be found at info@enappsys.com.