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    Over the years EnAppSys has built up a wealth of experience working with participants across the GB electricity market building up our own understanding of the market and supporting the companies we work with as they attempt to position themselves within the market.

    The consultancy services we can offer leverage of our deep pool of knowledge of the GB electricity market mechanisms, the revenues available to generators across different segments of the market and of project development within GB in general.

    This knowledge is supported by our role as a data provider which ensures access to the depth data required for any quantitative analyses coupled with a strong understanding of the data sets involved.

    The types of consultancy/ advisory services we have carried out in the past include;

    • Support in raising funding for developer projects,
    • Support in setting up new supply businesses,
    • Support in validating key financial streams,
    • Analysis of unit performance for investors/market participants,
    • Analysis of the state of the market for potential participants,
    • Analysis of the impact of proposed system 'Mods' on individual company positions
    • Advisory services to support companies through project developments.

    These services can be provided on a retained, hourly rate or fixed price basis.

    Please contact us to find out more or to ask for a proposal for any required work.