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    EnAppSys offers a range of weekly reports to a number of high profile GB electricity market participants and also offers monthly reporting services with the company increasing the range of reports as this service continues to prove popular with the company’s clients.

    The company currently offers the following standard reports that can be made available on a trial basis at the company’s discretion. The reports offered are summarised in the following sections.

    General Market Report

    The general market report summarises key system activity alongside any key unit imbalances, fuel type activity and with a summary of balancing activity.

    This report is designed to give customers a regular update on the key activity in the market and can be useful in tracking the core fundamentals of the market, for instance by noting the impact of renewables and the changing fuel mix activity as fuel prices change over time.

    Specific Sector Reports

    Specific sector reports generally contains much of the material included in the General Market Report, but also include a summary of activity specifically of interest to participants operating in a specific area of the market. To find out what sectors we are able to offer reports in please get in touch with the company at info@enappsys.com.

    Custom Reports

    A number of customers are provided with custom reports that have been written specifically to suit customer’s needs and EnAppSys is able to offer a wide range of such customised report. To find out more able custom reporting services, please get in touch with the company at info@enappsys.com.