August 2020

New Dawn Shines On Resurgent European Solar Market

Solar power generation is rising in Europe, new data from energy market analyst EnAppSys has shown. 
In the first six months of this year, generation from this power source across Europe amounted to 68TWh – up from the 59TWh in the corresponding period in 2019 and 70% higher than the 2015 figure of 40TWh. 

June 2020

GB becomes Europe’s second highest producer of wind generation

Britain has overtaken Spain to become the second highest producer of wind generation in Europe right after Germany.

February 2020

Creating a Sustainable Power System for the Future

Paul Verrill explains how renewable energy generation and the integration of smart grid technologies and efficient energy storage systems can create a sustainable power system for the future

December 2019

Blowing Away Limitations on Wind Farms in the Irish Power Market

Investment in technology and system services can help TSOs operate the power grid in a stable, secure manner while boosting renewable generation for a greener future. 

August 2020

Achieving Net Zero – Too Cheap to Meter or too Expensive to Deliver?

National Grid updates the electricity and gas markets annually with its new Future Energy Scenarios and this year’s edition sees a significant shift as it has been adjusted to accommodate Net Zero 2050 targets within three of the four offered scenarios. The standout highlights of this report are the significant changes required if we are to achieve these now legal targets.

April 2020

GB Breaks No-Coal Record

Today just before 6AM, Great Britain broke the record for the longest period of electricity generation without coal.

February 2020

T-3 Auction Sees Shift from Domestic to Interconnector Capacity

Interconnectors look set to play an increasingly dominant role in Britain’s power generation market following the closure of coal, nuclear and CCGT units.

October 2019

Winter Outlook for 2019/20 Sees Growing Margins

The winter ahead (2019/20) should see market conditions that are similar to those seen in 2018/19, but with the market seeing increased levels of supply vs demand.

July 2020

Sweden becomes second largest net power exporter for the first time

Sweden overtook Germany to become the second biggest net exporter of power in Europe in the first half of 2020

March 2020

Wind Generation in Europe Blows in New Record

Volatile weather saw levels of wind generation across Europe hit record levels in February 2020.ind power amounted to an average output of 85.4GW – equivalent to over two hundred 400MW coal units of power generation.

December 2019

France Is Europe’s Biggest Net Electricity Exporter

France was Europe’s biggest exporter of power in the first eleven months of the year, while the Italy imported the largest volume of electricity.