Our Belgian screens bring additional detailed foresight into a volatile market, highlighting live and historical opportunities that exist day-ahead, intraday and in real-time.

Belgium Power Market:

The Belgian power market sees very high levels of interconnector flows mainly into the country, this import-dependence, combined with renewables and a lack of flexible generation, drives intraday and balancing prices.

The system can see extreme system prices with particularly high price peaks and with the market affected by shortages of supply and oversupply in neighbouring markets such as Netherlands and France.

With the growth of offshore wind and solar generation capacity the country is increasingly affected by levels of internal oversupply.  Winters can be extremely tight as the nuclear power plants have seen repeated outages over the last years, resulting in increased imports and very tense intraday and balancing markets.

Structure of the Product Offering:


The Belgian power market product is relatively mature, having been among the first products produced by EnAppSys within continental Europe and so has well developed screens and charts offering high levels of market insight.

This exists as part of the platform with all of the functionality included within this product being integrated into the wider European platform.  This integration adds GFS weather forecasting data for Belgium.

This product is structured around key balancing and availability screens and further profits from a detailed balancing price forecast.

This system includes forecasts for levels of renewable generation alongside real-time calculation of system prices.

Market Insight:

The Belgian power market product has been developed based upon deep knowledge of the Belgian market.  This ensures that the product is driven forwards and guided by high levels of market insight that open-up trading opportunities that might otherwise not be able to be exploited.