At EnAppSys we strive to deliver insightful, relevant market reports that provide 'at a glance' knowledge and understanding.  Our reports are based on market intelligence that our European Energy Data Platform provides.  This blended with our team of industry market specialists ensures that the reports are fit for purpose offering insightful data and analysis.  Below is a small selection of reports that we currently produce:

  • Generalised weekly market review and analysis

  • Fleet specific weekly market review and analysis

  • Ancillary services

  • Peaking plant analysis

  • Settlements

  • European energy market

  • Interconnector performance

  • Renewables mechanisms and markets: ROC's, CfD's, REGO's etc

We are constantly improving our market reporting services, mainly through client feedback and requests to provide more services.  This client driven improvement process means that we are continually focusing our reports around current client needs and can tailor reports to specific requirements.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our reporting services or would like to discuss a specific requirement.


Forwards Forecasting:

EnAppSys has produced market curves out to 2040, that give day ahead, within day and system prices at half-hourly resolution.  These are contained within a view that dynamically shifts the resolution plotted.  When developing our forward view of the European energy market our analysis uses potential scenarios for renewable generation and models its effect on the fuel mix.  We overlay this with our model of market behaviour, to give a pragmatic view of the future.  We consider this approach gives far more realistic outcomes, compared to those based wholly on theoretical econometric algorithms.

These curves can be accessed via the EnAppSys energy Insight Platform.

We also produce bespoke forecast curves for evaluating potential investment opportunities which have proven very useful to our clients.



EnAppSys offers specialised bespoke advisory consultancy services to a broad spectrum of clients in the European energy industry. These include investment banks, asset owner-operators, private equity, family owned businesses and infrastructure funds.​  As well as competing with other consultants, we also provide them with industry information via the EnAppSys data platform.  Through the services that we offer, our preference is to build long term relationships with our clients, giving us a deep understanding of their business needs.  This in turn helps us refine our support and enhances the services that we provide, we regularly provide:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and route to market analysis

  • P&L asset modelling (batteries, peakers, embedded generation, renewables, CCGT's etc)

  • Specific market reports

  • Investment strategies

  • Existing asset performance analysis

  • Trading strategies

  • Trading and compliance procedure reviews

  • Scenario planning

  • Support to local and national planning approval processes

We are constantly adding to our advisory services capability, mainly through client feedback and requests to provide more services.  This client driven improvement process means that we are continually focusing our reports and analysis around current client needs.  The industry knowledge and expertise within the consultancy team means we can tailor to specific requirements with ease.  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our advisory services or would like to discuss a specific requirement.


Regulatory Insight:

Our team consists of a number of regulatory experts that sit on several key industry forums, including the ENTSO-E European Transparency User Group and the Elexon ISG.  They are regularly interviewed by the BBC and other news reporting agencies, as they are considered to be foremost experts in the European energy industry.  We use their deep regulatory knowledge and understanding to develop our reporting services that include:

  • Policy and Regulation Reporting

  • National Grid modifications reporting

  • Implications of OFGEM's Significant Code and Targeted Code Reviews

  • Revenue sensitivity analysis on Regulatory changes proposed to embedded generation

  • Full Regulatory impact analysis on future revenue streams for investment projects in generation assets.


Far Horizon:

The unprecedented change that the European energy industry has undergone over the last few years shows little sign of abating.  In fact, for carbon 'net zero' to be achieved by 2050 (or before) the pace of change needs to increase significantly.  Transmission system operators encapsulate the drivers of change in European electricity markets in terms of; decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitisation.  To aid our clients' strategic long-term decision making, we provide analysis and forward scenario studies.  A selection of projects we have worked on with our clients are listed below:

  • Strategic vision to 2050, to enable long-term investment in generation assets

  • The future of embedded generation

  • Effects of the reduction in inertia as thermal units retire from the system

  • Changes to Balancing Services requirements as the system decarbonises

  • EV's and V2G: How does this affect the investment criteria for storage projects

  • Fuel mix scenario planning

  • Renewables: Evolution or Revolution (for the GB National Grid's steady progression v's two degrees), implications on the storage and peaking plant markets


Market Training:

EnAppSys specialise in bespoke training courses that are tailored to individual client requirements.  Our spectrum of knowledge and understanding covers the vast majority of the European electricity market and our training packages reflect that breadth of experience.  As our data platform is used extensively by traders to inform and enhance their trading decisions, a significant proportion of our training is focused around market understanding.  Some of the training courses that we have developed for clients include:

  • European electricity market overview

  • GB electricity market overview

  • Introduction to trading: the Ireland Single Electricity Market (I-SEM)

  • Merchant Market Trading

  • Introduction to settlements

  • Interconnectors and how to trade around them

  • Ancillary services markets

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our bespoke market training services.