Our French screens allow for the tracking of the highly interconnected French market, making use of data from a variety of sources including RTE market data.

French Power Market:

The French power market combines very high levels of interconnector flows, with this providing flexibility around a market that relies heavily upon nuclear generators and which can see high demand peaks in mid-winter and around particular events in summer months.

This activity is affected by the transfer of excess of capacity from renewable projects from both Spain and Germany, with this affecting overall prices in the market.

The balancing markets within France generally see moderate prices which can make balancing markets useful for the management of market risk, with forecasting of the imbalance profile simplified by the reduced volatility of the market.

Structure of the Product Offering:


The French market screens feature market calculations and data from a variety of sources, in order to try and layer additional transparency into the market and track the drivers of price in the market.

Data is available at units across the market to show generation, capacity and availability and integration of detailed interconnector views and GFS weather forecasting adds additional detail.

This system includes forecasts for levels of renewable generation alongside real-time calculation of the net imbalance of the market.