Our German screens allow for the tracking of activity within the German market, with this being highly dependent on levels of renewable generation domestically.

German Power Market:

The German power market can be volatile depending upon levels of renewable generation levels, with high installed capacity totals for both solar and wind as a share of peak demand.

This can lead to low or negative pricing during the most extreme renewable output periods and increases the importance of interconnections with markets such as Austria, France and Switzerland.

The German market is also under-going a period of change and tracking the changes in fuel mix and generation at specific units over time can provide more information about this transition period.

Structure of the Product Offering:


The German market screens feature data from a variety of sources, in order to try and layer additional transparency into the market and track the drivers of price in the market, with additional reports being available to provide additional information about balancing within this market.

Data is available at units across the market to show generation, capacity and availability and integration of detailed interconnector views. This system includes forecasts for levels of renewable generation.