Our GB power market screens provide traders and generators with detailed day ahead to intraday market insight to extract additional value from the market.

GB Power Market:

The GB power market is one of the most attractive markets to trade within Europe, with the market featuring high levels of liquidity, healthy spreads between trade-able pricing series and a wealth of market data.

This trading activity is centred around the actions being taken by National Grid via the Balancing Mechanism and the impact upon the system price that results from this. Due to the high levels of transparency in the market this activity is all predictable and EnAppSys sits at the cutting edge of providing awareness of this activity within the market.

With our company having been founded in GB back in 2003, to provide database access to the underlying BMRS data set and the settlement data set. The GB power tools sit at the core of our services and benefits from years of development and market insight.

Structure of the Product Offering:

The GB power market product suite is based around a core data service that holds BMRS data back to the start of 2002 among other GB data series like settlement data and derived data. Upon this, the most frequently used service is a live market summary tool that is used by traders, generators and suppliers to trade imbalance prices and in the Balancing Mechanism using up-to-the-second market insights.

Supporting this live service are historical and forward looking analysis tools that include a historical market summary tool used to track activity in the market visually with very fast data access since 2014 along with a forwards looking tool that supports trading activity from the day ahead point through to intraday.

These tools are now very well used both within GB and by trading houses across Europe, with over half of the Balancing Mechanism market by capacity trading off the back of these tools.

Market Insight:

EnAppSys provides high levels of insight about the GB power market and we have high levels of expertise about all the power stations in the market and their trading and dispatch strategies. This insight is used to support the users of this service as they look to maximise the value of their activities within Great Britain.