Our screens for Portugal and Spain bring insight on activity within these two tightly linked markets which feed into the rest of Europe only via the connections that exist to France.

Iberian Power Market:

The power markets in Portugal and Spain are separate but are closely linked and feature a similar blend of renewables as a share of demand.

The depth of data for the two market is high with REE in particularly providing a very rich depth of market data that is being brought into the platform on an on-going basis, starting with the most crucial data feeds, but with the ability to feed in some of the more specific data feeds as required.

A series of auctions that run between the day ahead auction and delivery allow for the tracking of changing prices and changing generation schedules and this translates into a flow of updating data, and changes in pricing, through the markets.

Structure of the Product Offering:


The Spanish power market product is continually expanding and due to the volume of data imports, of which some are highly specialised, there are additional data feeds that can be added where needed.

With both the Portuguese and Spanish markets being highly transparent the platform already gives a detailed market view with this ever improving as feeds are combined to further the insights possible for these markets.

This product is structured around key balancing and availability screens and further profits from a detailed balancing price forecast. Generation information by unit also provides a wealth of possibilities for historic analysis.