Our I-SEM power market product provides access to detailed insight about activity within the revised I-SEM power market.

I-SEM Power Market:

The I-SEM market has been designed to be very similar to the GB power market, with only very subtle changes in its original design. Despite this the market can be very different to GB due to the extreme levels of wind generation and small size of the market.

This creates extreme constraints within the market that are complicated by the limited number of market participants. This limited competition in the market has been particularly impacted by the low levels of capacity sold via the newly introduced Capacity Auctions.

This creates a very volatile market with lots of opportunities for market trading and with some extreme balancing actions and spreads between different pricing series.

Structure of the Product Offering:

The I-SEM product is part of the wider European energy platform released to the market in 2018 and being part of the European product allows for the construction of dashboards that include screens from other markets. This also means that GFS weather forecasting data is provided for key series within this product.

The system has been setup so that all charts come with data tables, help files and API access, whilst a system wide data API provides convenience access to all the provided data series, and includes forecasts for levels of renewable generation alongside forecasts for both imbalance volumes and prices in the market.

Market Insight:

With the I-SEM market being relatively new the market is still evolving, but with it being so heavily based upon GB it is possible to understand the market from that perspective giving a head start over how the market functions.

Supporting this is an extensive data set that can be used to track the impact of activity within the market upon prices and overall trading activity.