Our Italian screens allow for the tracking of activity within the German market.  The market features reasonably high levels of power import whilst remaining focused primarily around levels of fossil generation.

Italian Power Market:

In Italy power is generated primarily from gas-fired power plants and information about generation from these units is available by unit across the market. 

The market also has a particularly high level of power imports for a market of its size and detailed interconnector screens can provide increase insights about any transfers in and out of the country.

With prices for the Italian market generally remaining about all its neighbours (with the exception of Greece), power remains expensive despite the high import rates, but renewable generation levels act to offset these high prices when available to generate.

Structure of the Product Offering:

The Italian market screens feature data from a variety of sources, in order to try and layer additional transparency into the market and track the drivers of price in the market.

Data is available at units across the market to show generation, capacity and availability and integration of detailed interconnector views. This system includes forecasts for levels of renewable generation.