Our market screens provide incredibly detailed insight into energy market activity across Europe, unlocking value within these markets.

Market Insight:

The data rich nature of energy markets allows for in-depth market analysis, but the volume of data can be overwhelming, and marshalling data from the variety of available sources can becoming a time-consuming maintenance task.

EnAppSys' European energy market data platform, available at, provides access to this data in a convenient manner, allowing for the easy accessing of information in a processed form. This acts to simplify the analysis of data from a processing / preparation task, into a streamlined and insight focused activity.

The integration of live market feeds and live market analysis, ensures a market value focus across the platform, with insight tools being designed for both market traders - following live market insights - and more general market participants - tracking longer term market trends.

A secondary platform at provides a more focused market trading and analysis platform for the power and gas markets of Great Britain.

The extensive geographic coverage of the platform allows for the comparison of power markets across Europe, with nations such as Norway relying on hydro power, France relying on nuclear power and other markets such as Poland being more focused around generation from coal / lignite plants.  A full list of the power markets we cover is available here.

As a company, EnAppSys seeks to find ways to support our customers in finding a better understanding and developing a better grasp of the financial opportunities in energy markets. The variety of markets across Europe creates a wide range of commercial opportunities.  Our philosophy is to continuously add value via on-going platform improvements, delivering ever increasing value for money for the services we provide.  

Structure of the Product Offering :

Access to the platform is available via tiered levels of access. More information can be given as part of trial access, but access extends from a 'basic' level of access that is focused around broader market trends and historic activity at individual generating units to richer levels of access.

At the highest level this includes very detailed to-the-minute market activity, with a wide range of calculated data series and forecasts being available to provide additional market insight. Access extends across all European power markets available under the ENTSO-E block and so provides a complete European market view.

For market participants not actively trading, the access tiers have been setup to provide an 'enhanced' level of access which includes detailed activity about market balancing activity and forecasts of activity, such as demand and renewable forecasts, but without the screens required for market trading. This allows us to provide the level of service that is required and to tailor the proposed offering to your exact market needs.

The most valuable trading screens and most detailed derived data streams - along with pricing data from propriety sources - are available on top of this offering to provide the most detailed market views.