Blowing Away Limitations on Wind Farms in the Irish Power Market

Energy data analyst EnAppSys reviews the Irish DS3 programme, which aims to accelerate renewable generation.

Investment in technology and system services can help TSOs operate the power grid in a stable, secure manner while boosting renewable generation for a greener future.

That’s the key finding from new research conducted by energy data analyst EnAppSys on the Irish power market.

The Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in Ireland, EirGrid and Soni, are leading though the Eirgrid Group a pioneering programme to increase the amount of renewable energy in the country’s power system safely and securely in response to binding national and European targets.

The Irish electricity market covers both Ireland and Northern Ireland through the All Ireland Electricity Market. The All Ireland EU target is for 16% of the country’s total energy consumption to come from renewable energy sources by 2020 and to achieve this, the aim is to produce 40% of electricity from renewables by 2020.

The programme – “Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System” or “DS3” for short – has brought together a wide range of stakeholders to review how best to ensure policies, incentives, standards and tools are fit for purpose in a system with world-leading levels of renewables.

One of the most pressing challenges is to increase renewable generation in a safe manner.

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