Renewables replace fossil fuels as Europe’s main power source

Renewables overtook fossil fuels as Europe’s primary electricity source for the first time in 2019, while gas also outpaced coal and lignite.

That’s the key findings of a new report from energy market data analytics firm EnAppSys.

While hydropower remained the largest provider of renewable power, the biggest gains in clean energy generation was in wind.

The latest report on the EU power market from EnAppSys reveals that fossil fuels generated 941.3TWh last year, compared with the 1029.1TWh produced by renewables and 777.0TWh from nuclear plants.

Some 37.5 per cent of generation came from renewables, 34.3 per cent from fossil fuels (18.2 from gas and 15.3 from coal/lignite) and 28.3 per cent from nuclear plants.

Of the renewables, 15.5 per cent was from hydro, 13.9 from wind, with the rest coming from solar, biomass and waste.

EnAppSys BV director Jean-Paul Harreman said that “one of the major changes seen in Europe in recent years – and in 2019 in particular – has been the transition from coal and lignite sources to gas. This trend has been driven largely by low gas prices and the increase in carbon prices, which makes generation from so-called ‘dirty’ fuels less attractive.”

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