Solar Energy Production in Great Britain Hits Record-High; Plateau Seen Ahead

Solar energy generation reached a Q1 record-high in Great Britain (GB) in 2019’s first quarter (Q1’19). Solar energy systems produced 2.7 terawatt-hours (TWh) of emissions-free electricity across the nation excluding Northern Ireland, 46 percent more than the corresponding period a year ago and 43 more than 2018’s fourth quarter (Q4’18). GB solar and renewable energy production has likely plateaued for the time being as government incentive programs for solar and onshore wind have been phased out, however, according to power market data and information services provider EnAppSys.

Wind power production hit a new record-high of 15.1 GW in GB during Q1’19 for a half-hour period, as well. All told, Q1’19 renewable energy production totaled 27.2 TWh—16.6 TWh from wind, 6.2 TWh from biomass, up 8 percent year-over-year (YOY), 1.8 TWh from hydro and the 2.7 TWh from solar. The latest market data reveal that Great Britain’s march towards a “decarbonized” energy future is advancing, EnAppSys says.

“Coal has effectively ceased to be a major fuel source in the market and now ranks below gas, nuclear, wind, imports and biomass as a fuel source of significance,” said EnAppSys director Paul Verrill.