At EnAppSys, we are experts in processing, understanding and translating complex market data into easily understood results and information. Since 2003 the company has been working to create cloud-based data solutions for the power market.

We offer a product suite that delivers superior value and insight within European power markets. This includes highly mature screens for Great Britain, the Netherlands and for the new I-SEM market, with ever expanding content being built across Europe as far as data allows.

We benefit from having very close links and frequent access to highly skilled groups of traders across Europe who are at the very cutting edge of exploiting value from intraday power markets. This provides a very tight connection to the market and maintains a link to the on-going needs and requirements of high-value market traders.

Our trading and historical analysis products also provide the backbone for our consultancy services that deliver accurate, reliable and bankable projections for market value along with detailed knowledge of market function and interactions. This focuses on value achievable from balancing and flexibility services.