Market Data Platform

Single data source for the European energy market

Choose which market(s) you want to analyse, and get immediate and real-time access to all the energy market information and insight you need.

We collect, consolidate and visualise all the information for you, adding value through insight and forecasts. All of this is delivered through a fast, reliable, supported single platform providing clear charts and dashboards, backed up with full API data and rapid download capability.

This is what you can do


Already active in Poland, and thinking about starting operations in Spain? No problem!

EnAppSys gives you comparative views and analyses for 32 European countries, so assessing different markets becomes child’s play.

How are certain technologies used in specific markets? How are these technologies performing? And what can you expect from them in the future? Find out with EnAppSys.

Spot trends

How has Covid-19 impacted demand in different markets? How much energy is supplied by renewable sources? Are there any seasonal events? Trend spotting has never been easier.

Data inputs

Use the API to feed data and forecasts from the platform direct into your own reporting and models, confident in the performance of our stable and robust interface.

Use our forecasts or the pre-packaged data streams to produce your own refined forecasts and insights that enable you to add further value and give you your own unique market view.


How do different markets operate together and what influence does this have on pricing in specific markets and the technologies used?

The more interconnections we build, and the more we depend on renewables, the more important this view of surrounding markets will become.

Expect more
with EnAppSys

We are energy people

Our Market Data Platform has been built by people with many years’ experience in the energy market. They know the fine details of how energy markets work and have used this expertise to develop a platform based on market knowledge.


Responsive development

Our experts design the product in consultation with our customers. As a user, you can suggest new features or possibilities – and we listen carefully to see how we can update our product to accommodate your wishes.


32 European countries

EnAppSys is more than just a Market Data Platform for analysing one or two markets – it covers no less than 32 European countries, making it easy to expand your regional activities and compare different markets.


Excellent service: 24/7 support

You’re more than a client to us; you’re our partner. And we want you to get the most out of our Market Data Platform, which is why we offer excellent product training and 24/7 support.


Added Intelligence

Unique algorithms and calculations convert raw data into valuable information – leading to incredibly detailed and accurate market insights.

Great visualisation

The complex data we use from a multitude of sources is visualised in clear charts and dashboards to enhance usability.

Easy access through API

Our API makes it easy to integrate the Market Data Platform with your own system.

Highly customisable

Configure dashboards and custom views to suit your needs.

Historical data

Our market information goes back a few years – so we can fine-tune our algorithms and deliver better insights into the different markets, and you can improve your backcasting.


Both classical and machine learning-based forecasts ensure you’ll always know where the market is headed. Together with our fundamentals, you get the most comprehensive insight in the market.



Do you want
to find out more?

EnAppSys uses clear insights and visualizations of the energy markets to make your decisions more accurate based on heaps of data. Want to find out how we can improve your business? Our experts are more than happy to help.

We respect your privacy. More information on how we handle your data can be found in our privacy statement.

“From someone who has seen a lot of different platforms in my 13 years of working in the power sector, EnAppSys has by far the most comprehensive and intuitive platform I’ve ever used. The quality of data and insights, and the support provided by the EnAppSys team is among the best you’ll find.”

– Simonas Paulaitis, Europe Clean Combustion Pricing and Competitive Intelligence Leader at GE Power


Four more good reasons
to choose EnAppSys

1. No black box – comprehensive insights

You will gain insights into any aspect of the energy market you want. We help you make sense of forecasts so you can make decisions based on the most accurate information available on the market. Without any blind spots, we help you expect the unexpected.

2. Swift and easy onboarding

No long set-up or implementation process – we will have the tool up and running for you in less than a day.

3. One place for all your data

You don’t need to switch between different data sources anymore – all the information is available to you in the same place.

4. Impeccable service

Our clients are our partners – we listen to what our clients have to say so we can incorporate their wishes as we continuously improve our product.