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Maximize the potential of energy market data

Our all-encompassing support helps you get the most out of our Market Data Platform and the energy data it contains. From onboarding to ongoing 24/7 help, EnAppSys provides you with the tools and support to swiftly enter the market and help you make the right decisions to succeed. Add an increasing variety of integrated software services and you’re off on the right foot.

Our support services


Take the first steps into the energy market and our Market Data Platform through our product and market training. We’ll have you taking full advantage of the new insights offered in our platform in no time. Daily business support keeps you up to date and guides you through daily changes in the market.

Market Entry Support

EnAppSys puts the process of market entry in motion and guides you through from start to finish. If required, we contact the various key agencies for you and complete market entry testing. We’ll also teach you all there is to know about how the energy market operates.

Market Analysis Support

We help you keep up to speed and stay ahead of the crowd thanks to our Market Analysis Support. Training, daily updates on key changes in the market, and help with your day-to-day queries will ensure you know how to respond to market events in the blink of an eye.

CVA Support (UK only)

Use our quick and worry-free CVA qualification service alongside our fully managed SaaS offering which interfaces with Elexon and processes their CVA flows. The Central System Interface (CSI) allows you to track your contract and credit position in real time, gain access to metering and settlement data, and have information available in XML flows for integration.



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EnAppSys Market Support
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Stop losing time

Get the most value from data

Amplify the insights gained through the valuable data in our platform by discussing them with our experts. Maximize the value of your subscription by learning how to unlock the full potential of our Market Data Platform from a trusted specialist.

Stop losing time

Quick market access

Our experience in the energy market ensures we can speed up your route to market as you are probably eager to get started as soon as possible. If you are entering the UK market, we can also support you with our lean market dispatching tools to ensure a quick launch of your activities. You can count on making the most efficient and well-informed market entry.

Stop losing time

Stay connected

We’re always here to help. Stay in touch by reaching out to your market specialist by phone or email to help you understand market events and get the most out of our Market Data Platform. There is 24/7 technical support available for all-time critical applications.

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    Coming soon

    Coming soon:
    National Grid ESO integration
    for the UK market

    Easily submit commercial and technical parameters to National Grid ESO and receive instructions to change your generation or demand position to help balance the network. Our solution, which is currently in development, will allow owners of assets to access the balancing mechanism of the National Grid ESO quickly and effortlessly to better regulate energy production.