Market Access

Software-as-a-Service to enable quick and reliable entry to Great-Britain markets

Active in the GB market since NETA go-live in 2001, our team has developed a number of market access tools. They allow parties of all sizes to connect, notify and monitor interactions with Elexon and National Grid ESO. Designed to be open by using web-services, they help everyone enter the market at speed.

Services and features

Central system interface and CVA qualification

Wider access API (EDT/EDL)

Operational metering

  • SaaS solution to process Elexon data flows
  • Track your contract and credit position, and settlement data
  • XML-rest integration
  • CVA qualification executed by EnAppSys

An easier way to participate in the balancing market for dispatchable assets smaller than 100MW

  • Notification of Physical Notification (PN) with National Grid
  • Dispatch of assets by National Grid
  • Real-time metering to National Grid
  • Automatic through API or manually (overrule) through Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Easy market access with EnAppSys

Quick access

Thanks to our years of experience and our in-depth market knowledge, we will help you get to market within 3 weeks, assisted by the right tools.

We are an energy company

Having modelled and watched the balancing markets since 2001, we have a deep understanding and expertise in how it works. We use this business knowledge to help you perform at your best level. Our software is the added bonus.

Focus on your business

Interfacing with Elexon is complex, time-consuming and in the end it’s just a tool to do your actual work. Let us take care of that connection for you, so you can focus on trading.

Unlimited small assets

We see a future where every consumer and every asset is a market participant. That’s why our services are designed to support thousands of metering end points, all the way down to domestic level.

Automated trading and dispatching

We see a future where fully automated trading and dispatching is enabled. The connector that we will build into our data platform allows you to create automatic strategies to follow peer plants. This way you will always remain the most likely to be called in the Balancing Market.


There’s no need for complex installations and configurations. Our CSI service is all web based and ready to go. You can start trading the GB market in no time and trouble-free. Our solutions for Wider Access and Operational Metering will allow you to go in the Balancing Market and other National Grid Services, such as dynamic containment.

CVA Qualification testing and monitoring

All new Balance and Settlement Code (BSC) Parties and Party Agents must demonstrate the required ability to communicate with BSC Central Systems. EnAppSys can help you with that. Use our quick and worry-free CVA qualification service alongside our fully managed SaaS offering which interfaces with Elexon and processes your CVA flows.

The Central System Interface (CSI) allows you to track your contract and credit position in real time, gain access to metering and settlement data, receive alerts and have information available in XML flows for integration. With alerts to your email and Microsoft Teams, you are always aware of your credit position and contract position with Elexon for peace of mind. CDCA and SAA data tracking also allows you to ensure your metering is accurate and your imbalance payments are under control.

EDT and EDL connection to National Grid ESO

The successful implementation of an end-to-end solution to connect the to-be-controlled plant with the system operator via EDT and EDL can be challenging. EnAppSys has the skills and experience to get you a solution to bridge this gap, making participation in the BM trouble-free. Use our full SaaS solution to connect to National Grid to notify your PNs, MELs, MILs, and Bid/Offer Pair Data via EDT. Get your instructions via EDL to control your plant.

With our partner company Encora Energy, we can build a system to dispatch the plant automatically that connects to and monitors your assets to give you full control.

Do you want
to find out more?

EnAppSys uses clear insights and visualizations of the energy markets to make your decisions more accurate based on heaps of data. Want to find out how we can improve your business? Our experts are more than happy to help.

We respect your privacy. More information on how we handle your data can be found in our privacy statement.

Operational Metering for NG ESO

Use our full SaaS solution for connecting to National Grid to submit plant level data at 1 second resolution, providing an operational metering stream to the system operator. Our solution plugs into the National Grid metering concentrators to give the control room full visibility on the live state of your plant, a requirement of the Balancing Mechanism (BM) and frequency response services like Dynamic Containment. Our service is unique in that it is designed to support thousands of metering endpoints for secondary BM units consisting of thousands of small assets – all the way down to domestic level – to facilitate access to the BM and other balancing services and also give the trader full visibility of their physical position.

Enabling the Energy Transition through VLP and AMVLP services

As part of modifications to the Balancing and Settlement Code, EnAppSys is working to support AMVLP, VLP and AMHHDC roles in its CVA service. This allows customers to notify half-hourly asset level metering to Elexon for aggregation to secondary level BM Units. EnAppSys has been at the cutting edge of the domestic Demand Side Response (DSR) space for a number of years participating in R&D projects with Innovate UK and BEIS. The goal is to bring domestic DSR to the market and as such many of our software solutions are designed to scale at low cost to allow as much of the value to be shared with consumers and their balancing service route to market providers.