Consultancy Services

Expert advice to successfully navigate the energy market

Rely on our experience in the energy market through bespoke consultancy on energy trading in Europe. Close to the market and with access to key information, we provide your organization with the guidance it needs while considering the challenges that each market entails. Make our experts part of your team.

We offer consultancy on

Market research

Our data-backed and extensive market research guides you through the development of new products and strategies. Our broad market knowledge and access to vast data repositories allows us to obtain unique insights. To provide you with accurate and effective advice, we cover a wide range of parameters. We also research all key elements in the energy market that are susceptible to change, and analyse product development and compare this with existing products and prices.



Feasibility studies

Our experts dive deep into your planned projects to determine the success stories. We perform an initial cost-benefit analysis to inform you of the potential value of planned projects. This analysis serves as the basis for well-founded recommendations that help you determine your next steps.



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EnAppSys uses clear insights and visualizations of the energy markets to make your decisions more accurate based on heaps of data. Want to find out how we can improve your business? Our experts are more than happy to help.

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We provide industry-recognized, bankable forecasts and investment evaluations using actual market data and behaviour as a base. Our standard forecasts have proven to correlate with market progression and can run up to 30 years ahead. Client input allows these predictions to be personalized, which ensures that financing banks and their credit and risk groups consider our findings to be prudent and reasoned evaluations. We also offer forward-price forecasts for ancillary service products procured by Transmission System Operators.



Revenue modelling and asset valuations

We derive expected capture prices and utilization levels during a project’s lifetime, using our own dispatch models for various asset classes and our in-house forward-price forecasts, while taking into account different scenarios and input assumptions. This analysis is then used to determine potential asset revenues. A financial summary is provided that includes a P&L model, accompanying support documentation and key revenue stream curves.

We support you in trading and contract management

Our team is experienced in managing contracts under varying market conditions and has access to forecasts and historic market information. We offer trading and contract support through the following services.

Tender evaluation

  • Benchmarking Power Purchase Agreement contracts
  • Supporting procurement processes
  • Independent evaluation of tender returns

Terms and conditions of contracts

  • Reviewing and advising on key commercial terms in energy trading contracts
  • Identifying risks and opportunities

Benchmarking and back-casting

  • Revenue back-cast analysis for assets and portfolios
  • Comparison of actual out-turn of assets and expected performance under prevailing market conditions

Trading performance analysis

  • Evaluation of the return and risks undertaken
  • Analysis of the trading strategy

Trading Strategy

  • Developing trading and pricing strategies
  • Studying alternative route-to-market options