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Market Data Platform

Single data source for the European energy market

We collect, consolidate and visualise all the information for you, adding value through insight and forecasts. All of this is delivered through a fast, reliable, supported single platform providing clear charts and dashboards, backed up with full API data and rapid download capability.

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Market Access

Software-as-a-Service to enable quick and reliable entry to Great-Britain markets

Market access tools allowing parties of all sizes to connect, notify and monitor interactions with Elexon and National Grid ESO. With easy access by using our web-services, which helps everyone enter the market at speed.

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Bespoke Consultancy

Expert advice to successfully navigate the energy market

Rely on our experience in the energy market through bespoke consultancy on energy trading in Europe. Close to the market and with access to key information, we provide your organization with the guidance it needs while considering the challenges that each market entails. Make our experts part of your team.

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