Download Energy Insight App

January 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of the EnAppSys Energy Insight app which is free to download on Android and iOS. Our mobile app is different to our Subscriber Market Data Platform as the EnAppSys app is for public use to gain an understanding of the financial and environmental consequences of power usage at different times and in different countries within Europe. We will continue to build out more markets in the near future and enhance the app further and welcome your feedback.

Daily Fuel Mix
This pie chart shows the forecast fuel mix based on historic metered information and forward forecasts, giving the user full visibility for the days ahead.

Hourly Fuel Mix
This chart shows historical and forecast data from renewable forecasts, availability, prices and demand – creating a rolling chart that shows the hour-by-hour fuel mix on a given day.

Daily Power Price & CO2 intensity
These charts show the minimum, maximum and average bar charts for the day, as well as a line graph of Daily Power Price & CO2 intensity. These forecasts are produced by EnAppSys from our proprietary forecasting models.


A note for Android and iOS Users

While we vigorously tested the app with our Beta users, there still could be a few undiscovered bugs. If you come across anything, please email us at Please inform us if you are using Android or iOS and your handset model within your email.