Trading The Energy Transition

September 28th 2021


In this webinar, we will explore how the energy system needs to be transformed to meet climate goals and become zero carbon at the lowest cost to consumers. Thanks to our partners Commodities People, we had an excellent turn out for this webinar.


Juergen Mayerhofer – CEO & Co-Founder – enspired
Felix Marie – Senior Energy Market Analyst – Tesla
Robert Richardson – Staff Data Scientist – Tesla
Steffen K. – Team Manager Trading – Next Kraftwerke
Lars Rupert – Founding Partner and CFRO – GIGA Storage
Aaron Lally – Managing Partner – VEST Energy
Kathleen Dingenen -Business Development – EnAppSys – Energy Insight
Phil Hewitt – Director – EnAppSys – Energy Insight
Paul Verrill – Director – EnAppSys – Energy Insight


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