Our European consultancy services stem from the unparalleled market knowledge that the EnAppSys Energy Insight Platform gives us.  We then combine this with our extensive knowledge of how power markets work and how industry participants behave.  This enables us to deliver a realistic view of the market for our clients. This translates into an improved success rate of client consultancy projects. We have advised on over £1 billion of transactions to date. 


At the same time our approach to future market values has involved a highly detailed study of real impacts upon power markets around Europe from the growth of renewables.  This means that we can use periods of extreme renewable supply in markets such as the SEM, GB and German markets to calibrate models to ensure that modelled prices compare well against real days with similar renewable profiles. 

The pace of industry change has been unprecedented, and this is set to continue as the market moves towards carbon 'net zero' technologies.  In this ever-changing environment, EnAppSys is uniquely placed to deliver its clients with the market foresight they require, to help them thrive and develop the energy projects for this future. Our approach to modelling markets is based on real-world trading experience in real markets and is not wholly based on econometrics.