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Quarterly and annual update

Our free quarterly and annual reports offer both a general overview, as well as a detailed analysis of recent changes in the European energy market. Our analysts cover all key issues such as fuel mix, coverage of renewables, and market demand. The report also looks at how these factors impact price development.

The analyses are packaged into clear and understandable graphs and statistics to allow every stakeholder to gain insight into the European electricity market’s state.


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Previous reports

Q2 2021 and Annual Market Review

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Q1 2021 Market Review, EU

You can download the European market review report here, for free. No registration required.

Q1 2021 Market Review, GB

You can download the GB market review report here, for free. No registration required.

2019 Annual Market Summaries

You can download the European market review report here, for free. The GB market review is here. No registration required.

Trial our Weekly I-SEM Report and gain valuable insight into the market

Our weekly I-SEM report presents the key events of the previous week in the I-SEM market – delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning.
Gain valuable information and analysis about market prices, demand, fuel mix, balancing activity by fuel type, price and unit, interconnector flows and auction volumes by unit.

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Receive our German Coal Phase-Out 360° White paper

The white paper presents a wide-ranging analysis of the current and potential issues of the coal phase-out, exploring the distortion of the Energy-only-Market principle, the controversial compensations for lignite giants, feasibility of the renewable development plan, the security-of-supply, grid stability and electricity prices.

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Weekly Spanish Energy Market Update

This report is a summary of the main activities of the past week, from demand and generation, to wholesale and balancing prices, together with interconnector flows. It provides a general overview and relevant information about main occurrences of the week.

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