31 Oct 2022 Get Ready for Winter Contingency Coal in GB

National Grid ESO has procured a number of emergency coal contracts for the winter. This will keep on coal units from Drax and West Burton A with a unit at Ratcliffe that was due to be decommissioned.

30 Sep 2022 Winter outlook: EU markets

The success of French nuclear capacity coming back online will be crucial to Europe’s power markets.

21 Sep 2022 Products and Services

Learn more about our products and services.

19 Aug 2022 Proposals for Changes for Winter 2022 to the tools National Grid ESO uses to balance the system

Grid has announced two new services for Winter this year. The “Winter Demand Flexibility Service” is a first outing for domestic DSR and is an exciting development.

10 Aug 2022 Sweden overtakes France as Europe’s biggest net power exporter

Sweden overtook France as the biggest net exporter of power in Europe during the first half of this year.

26 Jul 2022 Thoughts on Winter 2022/23

The GB market does not have sufficient capacity this winter to avoid some significant high-price events in the market.

18 May 2022 EnAppSys named Tees Tech Digital Company of the Year

Tees Tech company of the year and expansion plans.

09 May 2022 Nuclear – An upcoming Renaissance, or a Radioactive Decay

The UK government’s plan for net-zero by 2050 also relies on nuclear power as a key component, with one of the future energy scenarios from National Grid ESO estimating over 17GW of nuclear by 2050, more than double the ~8GW today

21 Mar 2022 How is the energy crisis impacting the Capacity Market, and vice versa?

With the T-1 auction target set at higher than the pre-qualified capacity, all the capacity is set to clear at the maximum price of £75/kW/yr.

23 Feb 2022 T-4 Capacity Market Auction Cleared An All Time High Price

This year’s T-4 Capacity Market Auction for delivery year 2024-25 has cleared at an all-time high price of £30.59/kW/year following the previous record in the T-1 auction of £75/kW

16 Feb 2022 Record clearing price in Capacity Market auction

A record high clearing price of £75/kW/yr in the Capacity Market auction for 2022/23 brought 1.4GW of new build capacity into the market and secured ongoing operation of 3.1GW existing units

07 Feb 2022 France still biggest exporter, despite heavy imports in December

France maintained its position as the biggest net exporter of power in Europe in the second half of 2021, despite an extreme reliance on imports at the beginning of winter.

17 Nov 2021 Energy Trading Week: High Growth Traders – Data-Driven Trading Strategies

In this webinar, we will explore 21/22 winter outlook and market impact scenarios, predicting the unpredictable: impact on renewables, optimising your forecasting solutions and strategies and AI’s future role within forecasting.

17 Nov 2021 Energy Trading Week: Winter Is Coming

In this webinar, we will explore 21/22 winter outlook and market impact scenarios, predicting the unpredictable: impact on renewables, optimising your forecasting solutions and strategies and AI’s future role within forecasting.

15 Nov 2021 Trading The Energy Transition

In this webinar, we will explore how the energy system needs to be transformed to meet climate goals and become zero carbon at the lowest cost to consumers

10 Nov 2021 Harmonisation Of Frequency Restoration In Europe

In this webinar, we will talk about how energy markets are evolving rapidly, decarbonization is causing the growth of renewables, decentralization is fragmenting power generation and digitalization is speeding up processes.

10 Nov 2021 Connecting Europe: The Changes From Increased Electricity Market Integration

In this webinar, we will look at some of the countries where cross border market changes and increased interconnection have or will influence the market prices.

10 Nov 2021 9 Months into Brexit – What have we learned?

In this webinar, we will discuss what we have learned about the new market arrangements over the past 9 months, how it has changed the electricity markets in and around GB and what the future holds.

10 Nov 2021 The Impact Of Decarbonisation On European Markets

In this webinar, we will look at what changes and new mechanisms this leads to in the power market and how these impact on market drivers and behaviours and ultimately market prices.

10 Nov 2021 Machine Learning with EnAppSys Platfrom Across EU Markets

In this webinar, we will look at the changes in the energy market from different angles. We will set out some future dilemma’s and its effects on the modelling and the importance of machine learning.

26 Oct 2021 Spanish Day-Ahead Price Cap and Floor removed just in time

Like most of the countries in the continent, Spain is experiencing high carbon prices, high gas prices, low gas reserves, low water reserves and periods with low renewable generation.

05 Oct 2021 Stability Pathfinders: Tendering opportunities for services to enable a zero-carbon system

As the country moves towards greater levels of renewable generation, there will be less and less traditional synchronous generation on the system.

27 Jul 2021 Carbon and gas prices drive ancillary services up in the Netherlands

Availability prices for FCR, aFRR and mFRR have increased dramatically since the fourth quarter in 2020. This has caused a lot of interest in flexible generation and storage. Are these prices temporary or the start of a sustained trend?

25 Jul 2021 France overtakes Norway to become largest net power exporter

France overtook Norway to regain its position as the biggest net exporter of power in Europe in the first half of 2021. France’s total net exports amounted to 21TWh, with most of the power flowing to Great Britain (8.6TWh) and Italy (7.2TWh).

30 Jun 2021 Fundamental market changes in Spain increase risks and opportunities for energy traders

Recent changes in wholesale markets (day-ahead and intraday sessions) coupled with an increase in renewables and interconnector capacity are expected to increase revenue opportunities – and risks – for energy traders.

07 Jun 2021 Costs for interconnector capacity to Britain are the most expensive in Europe

Looking at the monthly auctions for May 2021, which are hosted via JAO’s trading platform, our latest research shows that the price for capacity on the interconnector to export energy from Belgium to Great Britain was the most expensive in Europe at 19.42€/MW/H.

17 May 2021 Demise of King Coal causes turmoil in Germany

The planned timeline for ending coal power generation in Germany could cause the country significant challenges as it battles to meet future electricity demand. Coal is currently so strongly entrenched in German energy systems that a total withdrawal of it by this date will need to clear some hurdles

17 May 2021 Belgian FCR prices hit new record

Capacity prices for FCR reached record levels of over € 1.000 per MW per hour due to scarce flexibility. Weekends in Belgium will remain very tricky, at least until the pumped storage plant at Coo will return to service, with nuclear switching off, it will be interesting to see what happens the following weekends.

10 May 2021 New day-ahead electricity market service drives higher prices

STOR was re-introduced on April 1 and unlike its previous incarnation, which was tendered for season-long durations, it is based on daily auctions – giving providers the flexibility to optimise on a daily basis between STOR and other market segments.

08 Mar 2021 New post-Brexit market arrangements trigger hike in power prices

Prices in the GB electricity market soared at the beginning of this month. The maximum day-ahead price in the market in the first week of March was £683 – more than three times the maximum day-ahead price of £191.55 seen in any day in March in the previous six years.

16 Feb 2021 Brexit cuts interconnector use and sends power prices rocketing

Britain’s exit from the EU has resulted in reduced trading on the electricity interconnectors between GB & Ireland and increased the frequency of extreme prices although the withdrawal agreement ensured that the SEM would remain intact.

09 Dec 2020 New ancillary service remains undersubscribed

A new ancillary service, dynamic containment, procured by National Grid to manage the frequency of Britain’s electricity system remains undersubscribed more than four months after its launch in October 2020, but is showing its potential as a useful new revenue stream for battery projects.

01 Oct 2020 Negative prices sweep across Europe

Negative power prices have swept across Europe in the first nine months of 2020, with excess power in the market resulting in consumers being paid rather than charged to use electricity. European countries on average saw negative day ahead prices almost 1% of the time.